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Is Africa a Country?
No, Africa is a continent. In fact, Africa is the second largest, and second most populous continent in the world.
How many countries are in Africa?
There are 55 countries on the African Continent. Not 53, 54 nor 56. Above is a list of all countries in Africa according to the African Union.
What are the 5 regions of Africa?
Regions of Africa includes: Northern Africa (7 countries), Southern Africa (10 countries), Western Africa (15 countries), Eastern Africa (14 countries), Central Africa (9 countries)
Which country has the largest Population in Africa?
Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with over 200 million individuals, and the 7th in the world.
What is Africa's Largest country?
Algeria is the largest country in Africa with over 2.3 million square kilometers, and the 10th in the world.